About us

Welcome to SaltySupply.com, the Saltwater and Freshwater resource designed and operated by hobbyist for hobbyist. As you shop with SaltySupply.com, you will learn that we provide the highest quality products to satisfy the most serious aquarium enthusiast at the most competitive prices, with the utmost level of personal service, and with the highest level of online security. With over 3000 products in stock every day we are confident you will find the right product for you aquarium, or in our case aquarium’s.

Salty Supply Guarantee’s Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, we will do everything in our power to make it right. We are a 5 Star operation, there is no other way.


Salty Supply utilizes the latest fulfillment technology in warehouses all over the country. While 95% of our orders ship out of Orlando Florida, we also have fulfillment houses all over the country. Our average order is picked in less than 64 seconds, most orders have a label on them in under 2 hours. Take that Amazon!

Here at Salty Supply we guarantee our fast shipping. If your order is placed before 3 P.M. It will ship the same day or we will refund any shipping costs.


Salty Supply prides itself on being the most technologically advanced company in our industry. We invest heavily in web platforms, e commerce development, shopping experience, Omni Channel Sales Funnels, even down to the network infrastructure within our facilities.

Our new website and infrastructure took over 2 years to plan and develop making it the most up to date, and technologically advanced E commerce platform in our industry. From Advanced rewards programs, Free Shipping, Stock notifications and smart search functions, our website is like no other. And it doesn't stop there, we utilize highly advanced and streamlined Symbol Mobile computers throughout our facilities to ensure accurate inventory, and timely shipments.

Customer Service Beyond Expectations

While our Customer Service and Sales team is smaller than most companies, it is the best. We hire only experienced hobbyists with a true passion for the industry.

  • Our Team has over 50 years of experience in the Aquarium Industry .
  • Call our 800 number, you will not get a call center, only qualified individuals to provide you support.
  • We are hobbyists, we all have tanks in our offices and at home, so we know the products we sell.
  • Bi-Weekly training: All staff goes through bi-weekly training to ensure they know what is new, good, bad or amazing happening in our industry.
  • The same people you talk to on the phone are processing your order from Point A to Point B, ensuring its accuracy and timely shipment.

Real People. Real Hobbyests. Amazing Service. .

Rediscover the Aquarium

By utilizing Salty Supply as your retailer, whether through this website, or another marketplace, we make a promise to you...You will not find a better, or more unique shopping experience in the world. So come on in, browse over 3000 individual sku's, give us a call, make history.